In the footsteps of dinosaurs from Ourem

Did you know that when traveling to Ourem you can visit Jurassic Park? Don't worry - the visit will not be as dangerous as those in the film series, nor will you become an afternoon snack for a hungry T-Rex lurking in the dark - fortunately, such things only happen in movies.

In the park "Natural Monument In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs" in Ourém (Pegadas de Dinossáurios da Serra de Aire) you will see up close the prints left here by dinosaurs in the Jurassic period. The area was originally the site of the Pedreira do Galinha quarry, but in 1994 footprints were discovered here, turning the quarry into its current natural monument.
Here you can stand "toe to toe" with the largest creatures that inhabited planet Earth: sauropod dinosaurs... don't worry - they were all herbivores ;) These are huge four-legged dinosaurs with small heads and long necks and tails.

You will see about 20 traces on the limestone slab, with their prints preserved for 175 million years. Seeing with your own eyes the ancient traces left by these animals is quite an experience, especially since the longest known sauropod trace in the world is located here, 147 m long.
An additional attraction in the quarry is a garden in which the so-called "living fossils", i.e. plant species known only from fossils and having no close living relatives. These are representatives of species that have experienced mass extinctions in the past. Although current soil conditions are not ideal for these plants, species that can be seen include ferns (arboreal and non-arboreal), cyclas, araucaria, ginkgo, juniper, yew, and horsetail.

A film has also been prepared for visitors, thanks to which they can immerse themselves in the world from 175 million years ago, as well as an interactive exhibition dedicated to these unique animals that have been capturing the imagination of people around the world for years.


1 – Natural Monument of the Dinosaur Footprints
2 – Garden with Jurassic flora
3 – Dinosaur Footprints educational circuit

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