"Around the World" with Shrines of Europe

We are proud to announce that the idea of our cooperation between cities united in the Shrines of Europe association has been noticed and described in the leading Portuguese trade magazine devoted to, among others, travel and lifestyle "Volta ao Mundo" ("Around the World").

In the October issue of the magazine you can read an article titled: "Religious Tourism - Much more than masses and crosses", in which the Shrines of Europe project is presented as an element of the "Road Map to Tolerance".
The authors of the article believe that the role of religious tourism, which in a sense drives cultural tourism, is to unite forces and people in the spirit of tolerance and understanding. Representatives of different faiths are united by common goals: adoration and protection of what is material and what is intangible, i.e. cultural, historical and spiritual heritage.

In the "Around the World" magazine you can read that the joint Shrines of Europe festival, which took place in May in Częstochowa, Poland, is a stage that brought the group closer to creating the Shrines of Europe cultural trail under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Let us add that the event organized in Częstochowa was the first of its kind organized by the association. Already in June next year, the audience will be able to admire the performances of artists from the Shrines of Europe cities during the second edition of the cultural festival in Ourem, Portugal.

We are glad that the activities we have been implementing for almost 30 years have been noticed and appreciated. We always try to base our activities on dialogue and tolerance. We are looking for the similarities that unite us, not ignoring the differences that build the identity of our cities, positively influencing the multidimensionality of our group.

Currently, with new energy we are preparing for the activities we plan to implement in 2024. There will be a lot of them! Details coming soon. :)

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