Loreto and Altötting – Encontro de especialistas da cena de Nascimento de Cristo.


Altötting and Loreto are twin cities since 1991 and celebrating 30 years of friendship in 2021.

In both cities partnership associations were established by the citizens to foster and intensify the contacts through exchanges of young people, artistic collaboration and even trainings for senior citizens. Both Loreto and Altötting also have a very long historic tradition of nativity scenes.

It was an idea of Altötting to show the citizens a nativity scene from the twin town Loreto during the annual nativity scene exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the town twinning in 2021

It turned out that there is also a crib building association in Loreto called “ASSOCIAZIONE LAURETANA PRESEPI”. The town council of Altötting brought this request to its president, Cesare Rossi, and the crib-building association in Loreto was happy to comply with this request. So that the size of the nativity scene has enough room in the stalls, the members of the Lauretaner Verein have built a mechanical nativity scene with great enthusiasm and size especially for the “Altöttinger Nativity Scene Exhibition”. The crib represents a farmhouse in Loreto / Marche region with playing figures from the agricultural world.

On November 17th, President Cesare Rossi set out with a driver and brought the lovingly made nativity scene from Loreto to Altötting. While getting to know the chairwoman of the Altötting nativity scene association “Krippenfreunde Altötting”, Angelika Tupy, plans were forged for a future mutual exchange between the two associations.

The city of Altötting would like to thank the “ASSOCIAZIONE LAURETANA PRESEPI” and the city of Loreto for this symbol of friendship that has lasted for over 30 years.

The Nativity Scene exhibition in Altötting comprises 7 large scale cribs shown in stalls at the Chapel Square. Besides the nativity scene from Loreto, 6 wonderful artworks from the Altötting nativity scene Association are shown.