Relax in the city during summer – Częstochowa

In Poland, it is said that in the summer, during holidays, we are dealing with the “cucumber season”, which means that not much happens in the city, which is caused by summer vacations, just at the time of cucumber harvest.
For all the tourists and pilgrims who come to the city in large numbers, as well as those who stay in the city during the summer, Częstochowa has a lot to offer during the holiday season.

Of course, the biggest tourist and religious attraction of Częstochowa is Jasna Góra. It is not only a place of worship, but also a priceless monument of history. The Pauline Monastery at Jasna Góra was founded in 1382. Today, just like in the last centuries, Jasna Góra is the largest pilgrimage center of Poles. Jasna Góra can be not only the destination of a pilgrimage, but also a trip. The monuments stored in the local museums are a good lesson in the history of Poland from the 14th century to the present day. The works gathered at Jasna Góra are also a great lesson in the history of European art.

It is not far from Jasna Góra to the Lisiniec Park, where there are 3 water reservoirs (Pacific, Baltic, Adriatic), recreational paths, equipment rental, skate park, 2 tennis courts, rope park, restaurant. The park's guests have at their disposal a beach with sand brought from the Baltic Sea. This is one of the most frequently visited places in Częstochowa in the summer. Regardless of age, everyone will have a nice time there. You can swim under the watchful eye of lifeguards, do sports, go for walks, or just lie on a sun lounger on a wonderful sandy beach. A great place to unwind from the city noise.

If you love fun in the water for the whole family, Water Park Częstochowa is also a place for you. Guests can use both indoor and outdoor pools. Among the attractions you can find - a wild and lazy river, an artificial wave grotto, a zone with massages and geysers, as well as a relaxation zone with couches and massage benches. There are also hot tubs, a water playground and places to relax on sun loungers. For thrill-seekers there are slides and SPA enthusiasts: saunas, baths, caldarium and much more...

After resting by the water, I suggest visiting the Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is this street that people enter during their pilgrimages to the sanctuary. Most pilgrims come to the city between June and August. There are places in the alleys that should not be missed: A girl with pigeons - a fountain loved by children, monuments-benches to distinguished inhabitants of Częstochowa: poet Halina Poświatowska, actor - director of the Częstochowa theater Marek Perepeczka, doctor Władysław Biegański -. It is here that there is a unique huge mural "Tower of Babel", by the world-famous artist, Tomasz Sętowski from Częstochowa. It is also here that coffee sipped in one of the many cafes tastes best. Being in Aleje, you should visit Biegański Square where the Częstochowa Museum is located. There you can learn more about the history of the city of Częstochowa, see temporary exhibitions, and at the very top - from the tower, you can see the panorama of the city.

When you are at Biegański Square, you must take a ride on the "Londonian". It is a popular tourist attraction - an English, double-decker bus, from which, in the summer season, you can visit the central points of the city. The vehicle was marked with the number 034 - referring to the telephone area code of Częstochowa and the region.

Częstochowa in the summer also means numerous open-air events. The most important are Frytka Off – Festival of alternative music and Częstochowa Days, during which the biggest stars are invited to the city. In the summer, a lot of musicians and artists perform outdoors. The city lives a warm summer holiday rhythm.

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