Unforgettable concerts on the festival stage in Ourem

The second edition of the Shrines of Europe International Cultural Festival in which artists from the member cities of our association took part, ended in Ourem. It was a time of many great concerts, making music together, interesting meetings, conversations and discussions. The time that has passed since the end of the event gives us the opportunity to take a broader look at its unique transnational dimension.
One of the goals of our Association, which is an international organization, is to preserve our common heritage. Drawing on the experiences and achievements of our ancestors, it seems natural to renew, promote and nurture traditions in order to preserve them for future generations.

The festival was inspired by all 7 member cities and created a space thanks to which we presented the cultures and styles of our cities even more clearly, while showing that what divides us can also unite us, creating a unique multidimensional, diverse quality.

The most important part of the festival were, of course, the performances of the invited groups. It was a truly special time for music lovers - five days filled with music, international artists and a program full of diversity. The performances of artists from Poland, Germany, Austria and France, as well as local Portuguese performers, were positively received by the festival audience. We wrote about all the artists here.
Popular and traditional music from Poland, folklore from Germany, Portugal and Austria, opera pieces from France are just some of the musical performances during the festival.
In Ourem there was also an opportunity to see our photography exhibition "Shrines of Europe the path of culture and spirituality", which travels from city to city bringing the beauty of our sanctuary cities closer to the public.

In addition to food for the soul, there was also something for the body - culinary shows from the culinary school in Ourem, presenting variations on the regional cuisines of the Shrines of Europe cities, as well as stands with regional products from the Shrines of Europe countries prepared especially for this occasion. Without a doubt, lovers of the best delicacies had the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments and better learn about the culture and gastronomic traditions of the Shrines of Europe regions.

In addition to the festival, the General Meeting of our association was also held in Ourem, during which we discussed the future of the organization, joint projects and plans for the coming years. Elections for the association's board were also held. We are pleased to announce that in the following years the Chairman will be the Mayor of Ourem, Mr. Luis Miguel Albuquerqu, and the Deputy Chairman will be the Mayors of the cities of Częstochowa and Lourdes. Congratulations!

The Shrines of Europe International Festival is already our tradition. After the first edition, which took place in Częstochowa in 2023, this year in Ourem our artists had the opportunity to present themselves for the second time. The festival audience was great, confirming their interest in this unique event
We will tell you a secret - it's not over yet  Next year we will meet in Loreto, Italy, and we will present our activities there together. Of course - we invite you today.

See you in a year!

PS: We can't wait...

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