Feirourém - a unique summer festival in Ourém

Feirourém is an outdoor event organized periodically in Ourem. What distinguishes it from other events is the fact that it gathers artists, craftsmen, restaurateurs, exhibitors from Portugal and other countries in one place. This year's festival will start on June 19 and last until June 23. This year Shrines of Europe will have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful event.

Leading Portuguese performers always perform on the music stage, and the gathered audience can enjoy the greatest hits. Mariza, Calema, José Malhoa, Quinta do Bill and Função Públika are just some of the performers included in this year's program. The Feirourém Stage is also a place where local artists and local communities present themselves every year.

Craft enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see and buy products that are often made using the old techniques of their ancestors, but using the contemporary talent and creativity of the creators, which makes these works unique and unique.

The rich gastronomic offer during Feirourém will allow you to discover the local culinary tradition offered by associations and institutions operating in the commune. This event is a unique opportunity to taste typical dishes and authentic flavors of the region's cuisine.

Every year, the event attracts thousands of residents and tourists who, encouraged by the rich program of the event, come to Ourem in large numbers. Great concerts, countless exhibitors, entertainment for everyone, taverns and bars offering a rich gastronomic offer run by local associations, these are just some of the many ingredients that contributed to the huge success of this important city event.
The program of each Feirourém event is intended to reflect the diversity and richness of Portugal. New this year will be the Shrines of Europe tent, the purpose of which will be to organize concerts and craft shows presenting the cultures of various countries.

The participation of the cities of the Shrines of Europe Association will certainly enrich this year's event offer. On the Feirourém stages we will present our local artists: vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as present the regional gastronomy of our cities. If you want to try wine from Lourdes, sausages from Altotting in Bavaria, or sweets from Poland, from Częstochowa - the Shrines of Europe promotional tent during Feirourém is the place where you should go first! The festival audience will also have the opportunity to see a photography exhibition that presents the beauty and diversity of our Shrines of Europe towns and regions. All these events will take place as part of the second Shrines of Europe International Cultural Festival. A year earlier, its first edition took place in Częstochowa.

We wrote about it here.

On the event premises, including outside, there will be, among others: 4 restaurants, Street Food zone, 8 bars, car and agricultural machinery shows, entertainment. Inside the Municipal Exhibition Center there will be spaces dedicated to business exhibitors, as well as eco-rural stands, and, as in previous years, on June 20, the day on which the City Day is celebrated, official municipal celebrations and the traditional "Sardinhada" will be held here.

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit Feirourém, including gastronomy, crafts and concerts. Soon, thousands of people will pass through the Parque da Cidade António Teixeira and Ourém Business Center to have fun and celebrate together at this unique outdoor festival.

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