Hofdult – celebrations in Bavarian style

On May 24 - On June 2, 2024, the traditional Bavarian Hofdult festival will take place in Altötting.

Every year, residents of the city and region, as well as tourists, eagerly take part in this unique folk event. The amusement park and the rich festival program are a real attraction for the audience.
The history of the event dates back to 1383. Yes, that's right - for over 625 years, every year people have had fun at this unique festival, which, according to the order of the then Prince Frederick of Bavaria, lasts at least 8 days continuously. This year, the audience will have as many as 10 days to taste local culture and specialties!

If you're having fun, you're having fun, right?

The traditional festival will begin on May 25 with a colorful procession, including horse-drawn carriages, a musical band from Altötting, participants in traditional Bavarian folk costumes and representatives of municipal and regional shooting clubs.

Everything you think of when you hear "Bavaria" will be here.

What defines this unique atmosphere of the Hofdult festival is the opportunity to relax among family and friends, relax to the sounds of local bands, traditional feasts in one of several festival tents, numerous traditional culinary delicacies, and even a lottery with prizes. And all this with a traditional, properly chilled golden Bavarian beer.
Altöttinger Hofdult 2024 will be full of entertainment events. Regardless of whether you want to have fun with music, relax, or maybe you are counting on a big win - visit Altötting.

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