Funicular to Pic du Jer

Pic du Jer is said to offer the best view of Lourdes. The peak is easy to recognize because there is a characteristic cross at the very top. But how to get there? The most persistent ones enter on foot. In this case, you must definitely wear comfortable shoes. Pic du Jer is the perfect place to hike with family or friends. However, there is another way - you can go to the top by funicular. This unique means of transport is over 100 years old.

The funicular takes tourists to a height of 1,000 meters in just a few minutes, working similarly to a mechanical elevator. It moves on inclined rails, and its grip is provided by a special rope.

The funicular designed by the engineer Chambrelent was one of the first built in France. Work began in August 1898 and ended 15 months later, in December 1899. The railway was put into operation in May 1900, and its grand opening took place in June of the same year. The cabins were open at that time, which caused quite a bit of dizziness among travelers. The wagons were replaced in the 1930s, and the ones you can ride now come from that period.

Also in 1900, a cross was erected on the mountain, which still distinguishes the hill from others.
At the top, there is nothing left to do but sit and enjoy the view, taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings. From above we will see nearby towns, including Lourdes, which from this perspective is equally picturesque, situated among valleys and hilltops.
You can also use the services of the restaurant located here, see the bicycle trail where the best mountain cyclists take part in the championship, and take a photo in a frame specially prepared for this purpose.
Of course, you can go down the mountain on foot, but both uphill and downhill - we encourage you to use the cable car. Emotions guaranteed!

For those who choose to walk, there is a marked route, the elevation of which is approximately 500 meters and leads gently from the starting funicular station to the very top. You can also buy a ticket for the cable car in one direction, and walk the other way and enjoy the surrounding nature and the singing of birds.

Let's meet at Pic du Jer!


We would like to thank the Office de Tourisme de Lourdes for the photos.

Photographer: P. Vincent, OT Lourdes


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