Citizens of Europe today and tomorrow

On March 3-9, 2024, young people from Altötting and Lourdes - participants of the project "Citizens of Europe today and tomorrow" - visited Częstochowa.
They had the opportunity to visit Częstochowa and the region, get to know Polish culture and tradition better, and integrate with their peers from Częstochowa.
The main assumptions of the project are to improve civic competences, as well as environmental protection in the face of the climate crisis - exchange of views and conducting joint pro-ecological actions. The "Citizens of Europe today and tomorrow" project also aims to popularize the cultures and customs of the countries participating in the project, share experiences and raise awareness of their belonging to the new, changing, connected European space. It is also an excellent opportunity to develop language skills.
This is the next phase of the project, which - initiated by the Blue Star Association from Lourdes - was continued first in Altötting and now in Częstochowa.

Young people from 3 secondary schools:
• Second Secondary School named after R. Traugutt in Częstochowa
• Lycée Peyramale Saint-Joseph in Lourdes
• Herzog-Ludwig-Realschule in Altötting

met once again to talk about topics that are important to them, such as the climate crisis, new technologies, and European identity.
In addition to classes at school, the youth visited the city of Częstochowa, went on a trip to Krakow, and also got to know the Krakow-Częstochowa Upland and visited the medieval ruins of a castle in nearby Olsztyn.

The program also included a meeting with representatives of the Częstochowa City Authorities, a mini-conference on international cooperation between cities, including cooperation within the Shrines of Europe Association, and a meeting with representatives of the Youth City Council in Częstochowa.
The youth organized joint ecological actions: they planted trees, cleaned green areas, and listened to lectures on waste management in cities.
An interesting element was dancing a Polish traditional dance together - polonaise - in the main city square. During the Polish evening, students summarized their stay in Częstochowa and admired the singing and dancing performances of their colleagues from Częstochowa. There is also typical regional Polish cuisine - a great way to learn more about Polish culinary traditions!
After an eventful week, it was certainly difficult to return to everyday life. Fortunately, this is not the end of the adventure - the next stage of this wonderful youth cooperation is planned in September in Lourdes.

See you later then!

The project "Citizens of Europe today and tomorrow" was co-financed by the Polish-German Youth Cooperation as well as the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ).

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