For Valentine's Day to the Shrines of Europe

Valentine's Day is approaching. This is a special day of the year when we exchange small gifts, cards with hearts, order flowers and spend time together with our other halves.
On this day, even the most secretive lovers dare to confess their love to the one and only person of their dreams... and if they do not dare to take such a brave step, they certainly use Valentine's Day mail to send words of love to the person close to their hearts.

Celebrated on February 14, the anniversary of the death of Saint. Valentine's Day has become a day of love all over the world. It is a holiday that some people like and celebrate, while others, on the contrary, criticize its commercialization and treat it as an ordinary day of the year.
We have some interesting propositions for both. These are unique places in the Shrines of Europe cities that you can visit by yourself or with your loved ones.



Did you know that in Częstochowa, on Jasna Góra, there are the relics of St. Valentine? In the 17th-century Chapel of Holy Relics there is a fragment of his hand placed in a forearm-shaped reliquary made of silver sheet. Who if not Saint Will Valentine help those who sigh for the one and only person to whom they have not yet revealed their feelings? The patron saint of lovers will certainly come to the rescue and make sure you celebrate your next Valentine's Day together!


But if we talk about Valentine's Day, we cannot fail to mention the Heart of Bavaria - the city of Altötting, which has been the "beating" religious and pilgrimage center of Germany for centuries. Some say that the city owes this name also to the fact that the hearts of Bavarian princes are buried in urns in the Chapel of Grace, on the main city square. For over 300 years, a total of 28 hearts were buried in the chapel. This is a unique place of this type in the world.


You can also find the heart in Lourdes: This is where the Parish Church of the Sacred Heart - Sacré Coeur is located (yes, yes - you can visit Sacré Coeur not only in Paris!), where you can see, among others, the baptismal font where Bernadette Soubirous was baptized - the one who experienced Marian apparitions and where it all began... Lourdes itself is a place with a big heart, where the sick and disabled are welcomed, looking for solace and healing. They are the ones who meet here with the open hearts of the Lourdes community and all the volunteers who care for the weakest pilgrims visiting this unique place in the Pyrenees.


For nature lovers, we recommend the Heart Route in Switzerland. The 45-kilometer trail starting in Einsiedeln, decorated with picturesque heathlands, green hills, with many intimate paths and beautiful views of the mountains and the lake, is a wonderful setting for hikes for two as well as for individual hikes. This route is the essence of everything that is most beautiful in Swiss nature.


At 39 feet tall, it is the largest steel heart in the world. The author of this unique sculpture is Fernando Crespo. The Heart of Ourem is a symbol of multicultural dialogue, tolerance, peace and Our Lady's care for all people. It was named after Francis in tribute to the Pope who presided over the centenary of the Fatima apparitions on May 13, 2017.


In Mariazell there is "Herz-Marien-Karmel" - the Carmel of the Sacred Heart of Mary on the Hill of Crosses. The building is located 20 minutes from the basilica. The nuns have lived here since 1956. Despite leading a life of prayer and contemplation, the sisters also devote themselves to work, including: bakery, work at home and in the garden. Their chapel is open to visitors from: 6:45 - 17:00.


John Paul II once called Loreto "the true Marian heart of Christianity." This is where the house of Mary, which was moved to Italy from Nazareth, is located. The sanctuary has existed for centuries and is still one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Catholic world. It was visited by about 200 saints and blesseds as well as numerous popes. Loreto and its Marian sanctuary are also the sacred heart of the Marche region, full of numerous tourist resorts of the Conero Riviera.

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