Unique nativity scenes from Loreto

Traditionally, Christmas is a time when churches and many homes host nativity scenes depicting the Holy Family just after the birth of Baby Jesus. There are infinitely many versions: from tiny stables carved from wood, through more complex ones containing numerous figures, to those whose dimensions present a scene from Bethlehem on a scale of 1: 1.
Real plants and even farm animals are often used to create them. They are loved by the youngest, presenting the scene of the Nativity of the Lord in a poor stable or among the rocks, but always accompanied by angels and the star of Bethlehem.
Regardless of their size and material, nativity scenes are an indispensable symbol of Christmas. The tradition of building scenes showing the birth of Jesus in churches originated in Italy and its history dates back to the Middle Ages. Building nativity scenes gained popularity in Europe, and missionaries contributed to their popularization on other continents. Currently, the nativity scene is one of the most common motifs used in folk art around the world.
We especially invite you to Loreto, Italy, to see beautiful detailed scenes depicting the Nativity of the Lord.
Thanks to the tradition of creating stables, Loreto was called the capital of Italian nativity scenes. Italians really like and appreciate mechanized nativity scenes, where the entire scene "lives" - people perform everyday activities, animals move, agricultural machines work, people move towards the stable to bow to the Child, you can hear the sounds of work, the chirping of birds, the sound of water. All this makes us feel like we are part of this unique scene. Nativity scenes are created by the most outstanding artists who enjoy great popularity and recognition.
In Loreto you can see an exhibition with the most beautiful mechanical stable in Italy. It tells the story from the day of the Annunciation to Christmas. Every year, the creators add new characters. In total, you can admire over 100 figurines. All places where the common life of ancient professions takes place have been perfectly recreated and shown. The nativity scene is full of historical scenes, showing people's everyday lives and customs. The exhibition in Loreto is open all year round, and entry fees are charged at your discretion, as the income from the visit goes to charity.

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