We work to provide the best possible experience for the travellers that visit our countries, promoting the ‘Shrines of Europe’, through a cultural network, based on institutional and private partnerships.

Sharing knowledge, good management, planning practices in a committed and cooperative way, the Shrines of Europe association have developed several initiatives over the past 25 years of existence. During this time, the partners of the Shrines of Europe organized several conferences and international meetings, focused on the challenges of religious tourism, dialogue, and collaboration between the Church and the Municipalities, the emerging changes in the Church and society, the social and cultural dynamics associated with pilgrimages.


On the 4th of December of 2020, these partners restructured their work and the "The Shrines of Europe - Association of European Shrine Cities” was founded. This association aims to improve the responses to the needs and preferences of pilgrims and travellers.

We work to establish the connection between all the promoters associated with religious tourism by providing services and products that support religious activities, itineraries, cultural experiences, and the communication of festivals and traditions, which are part of the cultural and historical heritage of each territory.


A thousand and One Lights in Czestochowa

Dreaming yourself away into a winter fairy tale of a thousand and one lights is possible in our beloved Czestochowa. Christmas illuminations on Biegański Square are created each year when the holiday season draws near. This winter attraction is available free of charge 24/7 and its creation is a recurring...

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Christmas Ambience in Lourdes

Did you ever travel to Lourdes in advent season or even on Christmas Eve? If not, you missed one of the most beautiful times to visit this exceptional place. Make sure to plan now for advent and Christmas 2022. Here are our recommendations for this special time of the year:...

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Loreto and Altötting – Nativity Scene Experts Meeting

Altötting and Loreto are twin cities since 1991 and celebrating 30 years of friendship in 2021. In both cities partnership associations were established by the citizens to foster and intensify the contacts through exchanges of young people, artistic collaboration and even trainings for senior citizens. Both Loreto and Altötting also...

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