Altötting : The most important things to see and do in 1 to 3 days


Day 1: Altötting – the heart of Bavaria


Day 2: Excursion to Marktl and Burghausen

The small village Marktl is the birthplace of the Bavarian pope Benedict XVI. He grew up in the region around Altötting and since his childhood is deeply connected to this place of pilgrimage. Visit his birthplace which is nowadays a beautiful museum highlighting the pontificate of Benedict XVI. Altötting – Marktl 30 minutes by bus. Continue to Burghausen an enchanting city housing the world’s longest medieval fortress. The impressive fortress is 1 kilometer long, you can take a walk or enjoy a guided tour along the castle. At its foot you can find the historic city center and on the other side an enchanting lake to enjoy a summer visit. Altötting – Burghausen 30 minutes by bus


Day 3: Lake Chiemsee with Herrenchiemsee castle

Excursion to lake Chiemsee (also surnamed as the “bavarian ocean”) a beautiful summer destination. Visit the two islands, the “Men’s Island” with the beautiful castle Herrenchiemsee, built by the Bavarian fairytale kind Ludwig II. And modelled after the world-famous Versailles near Paris. Continue by boat to the smaller island the “women’s island” with a historic abbey and famous for restaurants, fishing and handicraft.


Do not miss:

  • Chapel of Grace with the “Black Madonna”
  • Baroque Chapel Square (Kapellplatz)
  • Neobaroque papal Basilica. St. Anna
  • Museum: Jerusalem Panorama protected by UNESCO
  • Treasury & Pilgrimage Museum (famous „Golden Horse“)
  • Incense museum